2 Children Were Given Unequal Amounts Of Food. See What Happens Next.

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Worldwide organization Action Against Hunger has started an initiative called The Sharing Experiment. In this video, two children are put side-by-side with plates in front of them. What happens next will definitely make you think.


It's a powerful message, and one that Action Against Hunger hopes will provide some insight into what it actually takes to keep a child healthy and nourished. According to their website, malnutrition takes the lives of approximately 1 million children each year, despite the fact that malnutrition is predictable, preventable, treatable, and addressing it is affordable.

How tragic is it, then, that so many children go without - especially when there are enough resources to go around? As these wise children have shown us, the fundamental solution is simple: If you're willing to share some of what you have, someone else doesn't have to go without.

For more information on Action Against Hunger, visit their website.

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