Graffiti Artist Transforms Beach Stone Into Great White Shark.

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When Jimmy Swift first saw this beach stone in Palolem Beach, he knew exactly what he needed to.

If you’ve seen “Jaws” then you know how horrifying and deadly these creatures can be. They’re massive. They’re fast. They’ve got sharp teeth. And worst of all, they think humans are a delicacy. But despite the odds of surviving a shark attack, people go to the shores of Palolem Beach, South Goa, India to take selfies with one of these deadly great white sharks. And they can thank American graffiti artist Jimmy Swift for the opportunity. But don’t believe everything you see because things aren’t necessarily what they appear to be. So, what’s the story behind this photogenic sea predator?

The American graffiti artist decided to disguise the triangular beach stone peeking out of the water into something so terrifying that tourists and locals wouldn’t be able to resist taking a photo, and that’s exactly what happened.

@jimmy_swift / Instagram