Illegal Photos Reveal The Forbidden Beauty Of Iran’s Holiest Shrine.

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From the Outside

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Iran, make sure to stop at Shah-e-Cheragh, a funerary monument and mosque known for its sparkling interior in the city of Shiraz, Shah-e-Cheragh, which translates as 'King of the Light,' is home to the tombs of Amir Ahmad and Mir Muhammad. It is also the most significant pilgrimage destination in the city. If you're looking at Iran as a whole, it is the third most celebrated pilgrimage center, just after Imam Reza in Mashhad and Fatima in Qum, according to the Iran Review.

Who exactly were Amir Ahmad and Mir Muhammad? They were the brothers of Imam Reza, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad as well as his eighth successor Shia Imam. They took refuge in the city during the Abbasid persecution of the Shi'ite sect and were believed to be killed in 835 AD.

The tombs were minimal at first but Queen Tashi Khatu later expanded and beautified the area with a series of repairs. Although none of her original buildings remain today, subsequent generations continued to repair the mosque.

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When visiting Shah-e-Cheragh in Shiraz, Iran, you'll notice that the exterior is beautifully and naturally decorated, the colors almost blending in with its surroundings.