The Reason For The Loop On The Back Of Your Shirt Is Actually Amazing.

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We've all seen this shirt loop, but probably not given it too much thought.

Over the years, one thing about popular culture that ebbs and flows the most is fashion. Think about it: At one time or another, it was considered chic to lace yourself into a corset, add a massive skirt, and top it all off with some kind of heavy cloak. Men's fashion has been just as fleeting, but their clothing has carried on some of its smaller details over the years, old-timey bits and bobs making their way into modern fashion without anyone really noticing.

Take, for instance, the shirt loop. You've all see them before, but probably don't know the history behind them -- or why they were invented in the first place. The answer is pretty fascinating, especially when you consider that most men's shirts are still made with them today. Who knew that such a small detail would be one of the few things to stand the test of fashion time?

Does anyone have a clue what their real purpose is?

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