You DON’T Have Too Many Shoes… You’re Just Storing Them Wrong.

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A ladder of heels.

Real talk: I may have a shoe problem. I have piles of shoes on my floor, shoes strewn about my apartment, and I think I even saw a pair of my shoes underneath the kitchen sink the other day. The fact of the matter is, I have a lot of shoes, and not a lot of great ideas about where to put them. I also keep buying new shoes, so my problem will inevitably get worse before it's get better.

If this sounds like a struggle you can identify with, fear the footwear debacle no more - we have found the solution(s). Below are some awesome and creative ways to store all of your favorite pairs. You might even be able to make room for those thigh-high boots you've been lusting after - or maybe just some actual furniture.

If the majority of your shoe collection is heels, try installing a ladder on the wall to hook them on. You can always find wooden ladders at flea markets, and they're usually affordable.

Arianna Belle