These Sleepy Cats Live A Charmed Life In Japan’s Most Eclectic Café.

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Everyone knows about the famous cat cafes in Japan. Did you know though that there are cats on the payroll in some shops?

By now everyone knows about the cat cafes they have over in Japan. A person can bring their cat into a shop and let them play with other cats, while the owner gets a cup of coffee or enjoys a book.

There is also another kind of “cat shop” there though. They are little shops that employ cats in their business. The little furry fellas have only one job to do and that’s to have fun. If a cat is having fun with a customer the chances are good that the customer is going to stay longer in the shop. Longer stays usually lead to better business.

The little felines love their work and they are paid nicely with a caring and loving home, plenty of good food and of course plenty of love and attention.

Café Arles is one of the first shops to do this and it has become very well known. They offer a very relaxing environment to grab a cup of coffee or read a book. If you get lucky enough to have one of the two resident cats come by to say hello it will make your experience even that much more relaxing. They love the attention and are not afraid to play with you.