23 Times People Regretted Their Online Shopping Choices.


Don't buy clothing online from China!

Online shopping can either be bliss or a total nightmare. It's usually a hit or miss when you order from scam sites, auction sites, or anything overseas. We've all heard of the cautionary tales and yet we still take the risk all for discounted prices.

Well you get what you pay for. Don't check out your shopping cart so quick before reading the fine print and the items' specs! It is understandable that shipping mishaps occur sometimes, but some of these mishaps are just beyond ridiculous.

Take a look at some online purchases below that people instantly regretted after purchasing.

Chances are you WON'T be getting what you're promised.


They ordered a custom family photo ornament.

Instead, they received one of a random Asian family and photoshopped penguins.


There was an angle he didn't get to see when he ordered his new work boots.

It must be awkward to be walking behind this man and seeing his foot prints.

Expectation versus reality!

Should have known from the price alone!


He ordered a 1/2 inch solenoid valve from Amazon.

Instead he received a 7-foot tall teddy bear. But it looks like enjoyed playing an Xbox game together.


He bought an Apple watch for $600 off Ebay.

This is what he received. This is the epitome of deception.


Target ordered "blank name badges."

So they received blank name badges. What's the problem here?


He ordered an Xbox and received a pistol.

Perhaps this means use the pistol to retrieve an Xbox?


This person got a fake Sharpie.

A Skerple?! Really?! Of all things that can be fake.


The boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction.

Unfortunately they didn't find out until they picked the chairs up that it was from an elementary school.


These hiking boots he ordered online look a little different that what he was expecting.

But he rocks them nonetheless! Don't think they'll be much of help during hiking though.


He ordered a fryer on Amazon.

Instead, they sent him a cotton candy machine. I see no reason to be upset here.


They ordered a desk lamp from Amazon without reading the specs.

Is the lamp small or is the phone really just that big?


The original order was for black sweat pants.

Received these instead... but he's not even mad. I wouldn't be either.


He ordered some tights online for Halloween.

He didn't check the size prior to ordering and wound up receiving a pair that were a bit too small.


This mask of ultimate horror.

I do not see Winnie the Pooh at all in this face mask.


She ordered a jacket from Target and got this instead.

They don't even have this item in their inventory.


He bought this shirt online and now he's getting a lot of weird looks.

To top it off, I bet the shirt is made in China.


Don't buy a TV from unreliable vendors.

You'll regret it deeply. Learn from other people's mistakes right here!

Sulit De-senyo

Cat: "I am not entertained, human..."

Moral of the story: always check the dimensions before ordering on Amazon.


What you were hoping to get versus what you really get.

Does this remind anyone else of the Charlie Brown special?

Zoe McAllister

He ordered an extra large.

Maybe it was an extra large for kids... That sounds more like it.


She ordered a powder blue ukulele for a 3-year-old for Christmas.

It appears they didn't quite get her order right. And this is definitely not appropriate for a 3-year-old.