Random Strangers Were Acting Weird… When He Found Out Why He Broke Down In Tears.

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Muharrem lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and for the most part, he's just an average guy. The one thing that sets him apart from his peers is his hearing problem: Muharram is almost 100% deaf.

He communicates using sign language, but most people in the community don't know how to communicate back with him. However, when Samsung Turkey got involved to create this video, everything changed.


The video is a promotional tool for Samsung Turkey's new project, which involves starting a video call center for people with hearing loss.

As Muharrem goes about his day, he starts to notice that all of the people around him are communicating back with him, and at first, it confuses him. When he finds out why, his reaction is priceless. Don't feel bad, Muharrem -we were fighting back tears, too.

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