15 Sleepy Doggos That Are Just Too Darn Tired To Move.

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No Worries At All

We know you've heard of a cat nap, but did you know about the dog nap? Well, there's definitely such a thing, and from what we've learned, dogs have absolutely no problem whatsoever taking a nap anywhere, in any position. If you don't believe in dog naps, you will after you look at these 15 silly pups that sleep in crazy ways.

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This tiny dog is sound asleep. He's sleeping so deeply that he can't even manage to put that tongue of his back in his mouth! What else could a pup ask for? He has a nice warm house to live in, a huge, comfy pillow, and so much love from his human parents. We wonder what he's dreaming about, but we think it's safe to assume it's something wonderful -- like a plate of steak, just for him!