16 Simple DIY Projects To Improve Your Home, #6 Is The Best Kitchen Idea I’ve Ever Seen.


Hang a piece of wood on the wall and use it to display your mug collection.

Elaborate DIYs definitely have their place in the world of crafters and makers. Sometimes, the more complicated a project is, the more satisfying it is to complete. Other times, though, it's much more pleasant - and less stressful - to keep it simple.

These 16 simple DIYs don't require a lot of time or effort, and they also don't need a bunch of materials. In a sense, they're the perfect DIYs for people who don't usually do DIYs , and some of them are incredibly cool as well. Check out these easy DIY projects below if you need some inspiration. #11 would take your kitchen organization game to the next level.

Her Campus

Make an easy DIY table that slides right in next to your sofa.

Christina's Adventures

Make a cheap area rug by sewing a few smaller rugs together.

Apartment Therapy

Craft a magnetic makeup storage board to keep your cosmetics out of the way.

Laura Thoughts

Turn a dresser into a handy TV stand - with storage!

Our Blue Front Door

Save space on your counters with this magnetic knife rack.

DIY Ready

Use old Scrabble pieces to make these awesome coasters.

The Gourmet Gab

Make a temporary backsplash with this awesome DIY project.

Social Home

Hang some air plants, also known as Tillandsia. They look amazing, and they're also virtually impossible to kill.

Clear Design

Wrap yarn around jars and paint them. When you remove the yarn or rubber bands., there's a space for light from a votive to shine through.

Forge Style

Install a pegboard to your kitchen wall for an instant organization space.

Apartment Therapy

Turn an old thrift store picture into cool wall art.

More Than Just Dessert

Add cushions to bar stools to match the decor of your home.

A Lo and Behold Life

Make a rustic bookshelf with wooden boards and cinder blocks.


Update your front door temporarily - this DIY is perfect for renters.

Charleston Crafted

Glue magnets to old forks to make these adorable -and handy fridge magnets.