22 Single Dads Who Are Breaking The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents.


After the mom's death during the birth delivery, people helped the dad recreate recordings of the mom's lullabies for the baby.

Being a parent isn't easy, let alone being a single parent. When you have two parents, there's a balance between the two. When you're on your own, however, you have to act as both the father and the mother. Playing both roles can be difficult, but these single fathers are showing everyone how it should be done.

Single dads who are raising daughters have an even more unique challenge as their daughters don't have a woman role model to relate to in the household. But sometimes taking one for the team with some makeup or nail polish is all it takes. Anyone can have a child, but it's love and effort that makes you a parent.

The dad also plans on completing the wife's bucket list together with his new son.

jared sharry

He's always planned on doing something like this for a woman.

But realized the most important female that deserves his attention was already right beside him.

Jason Garmon

Single dads play the role of both mom and dad.

And sometimes that means dressing up in cooky costumes.

greg wickherst

This single dad makes heartwarming illustrations of his everyday life with his daughter.

She should ask him to make a comic book about their lives!


A single dad who couldn't do his daughter's hair.

So to fix his problem, he went to beauty school.

greg wickherst

A single dad's first attempt at a cake when his daughter turned four.

This cake couldn't be anymore impressive and adorable.


A man who became a single father at the age of 19.

And became the best dad he could be.


Just a regular spa day with the girls.

"No big deal, just on our way to having beautiful faces."


As a single dad, you gotta abide to what daddy's little girl wants.

Beware, this includes Halloween!


A single father and his daughter spotted at the Renaissance Festival.

After all, every princess needs her fairy.


This one's more about the best daughter to a single father.

She knows his favorite color is green so this is what she does when she knows he's had a hard day at work.


A bracelet his daughter made him a little over two years ago during a turning point in his life.

The bracelet hasn't left his wrist ever since.


After he became a single dad, he learned how to do his daughter's hair.

Now he teaches other dads how to do the same thing.


Sometimes as a single father during tough times, you just gotta try as best as you can.

This Christmas tree is just as great as any other one.


A single dad's gift for his baby girl on her first day of Kindergarten.

This is so cute on so many levels.


When you're a single dad and the day has finally come...

When your daughter asks you to teach her how to shave her legs.


When your 3-year-old asks for non-circle pancakes.

And you decide to get creative.


You're not a true single father unless you let your daughter practice makeup.

Not only on herself, but also on you!


When your daughter asks you to give her stuffed bunny a bath.

And you decided to give her a little laugh while you're at it.


This single dad takes a daily selfie with his daughter right after waking up his daughter.

Her reactions in each photo are priceless.


A single dad who got to be the first man to ever give his baby girl 2 dozen roses.

He's showing her how ladies should be treated.


Having a dad as a pilot has its benefits.

You get to fly around the world with him sometimes.


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