This 3 Year-Old Just Had A Hilarious Conversation With Siri.

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Apple users of iPhones and iPads know that they can depend on Siri for any questions or requests. The voice-activated digital assistant allows people to make reservations, find movie times, and even know the score of a sporting event. When making inquiries such as sending a message or asking for a reminder, its easy to feel like you are speaking to another person.

A three-year-old just had her first artificial intelligence conversation. The little girl of course, assumes she is speaking to a person. Siri gives the toddler her name, the time, and the usual “I don’t understand.” Instead of getting upset at Siri like most adults do about the misunderstanding, the little girl just finds it amusing.

Just when you think Siri does not understand basic human interaction you will love what she tells her new friend at 1:11.

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