10 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love To Sleep.

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Tell us you wouldn't love having a U-shaped body pillow to cuddle with each and every night.

Do you love to sleep? Hum, of course, you do! Sleeping is so great, we'd nap all day if we had the chance. Sleep recharges our batteries and allows us to experience dreams that are often impossible to describe. Most of us would do whatever it takes to get an extra hour of sleep. But when that alarm clock rings, we have no choice but to leave the comfort of our bed and face the world. And from the moment we go about our day to the moment we get home, all we can do is look forward to bedtime. But sometimes our sleeping pattern gets interrupted, so for those of you who love to rest, here are some items that will provide you with a more recuperative sleep. Fair warning: you'll want to break the bank and get every single item on this list.

It looks positively comfortable and it's perfect for those of you who are single but want to feel the comfort of another person next to you. Okay, so the pillow's no substitute for the real thing, but until your find Mr. or Mrs. Right, use this.