This Little Boy Has Just Seen Sliding Doors For The First Time… Watch His Jaw Drop.

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When I was younger, I remember being amazed by fountains. I would circle an ordinary one at my local mall each time we visited and wonder how the water wasn't overflowing. I believed that the lights changed according to my mood. My mother would laugh and laugh, and I couldn't understand why at the time.

That's the wonderful thing about children; through them, you see the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Everyday things — things that we tend to gloss over as adults — suddenly become sources of wonder and magic.

One couple brought their son to a grocery store and recorded him walking around for the first time. His reaction to the 'magic' of automatic doors is priceless.

One YouTuber summed it up perfectly with this comment, "When you realize you're a Jedi."


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