She Offered This Sloth A Flower… Gets The BEST (Slowest) Response Ever.

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Sloths may be known as being slow-paced animals but what they lack in speed they make up in hugs. One such mammal named Samantha was being offered a hibiscus flower by a tourist in the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Samantha seemed to gently move towards the flower which is a favourite treat for this species.

Instead, the three-toe sloth wanted something else, but it took Samantha just a little longer than other animals to show what she wanted. The sanctuary in this Central American country is the most important rescue centre in the world. The family owned wildlife shelter, nurses orphaned sloths and releases them back into the forests.

Samantha may have just proven that although sloths are not the fastest animals in the planet, they give the best cuddles. This video may just make you want to plan your next vacation at this centre for a hug or two.

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