20 Awesome Pics That Will Make You Smile.

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Looks like someone is having some fun in the sun, and boy does this doggy look cute in the sand, or what?

Are you feeling a little down? Maybe the world has been unkind to you recently. We've all had those moments, and we wished that there had been someone or something to pick us up from our funk. Well, fortunately, you're in luck because we have a collection of photos that will definitely put a smile in your face.

So, if your life is falling apart, deadlines are tight, and bills are piling up, stay calm and look at these beautiful images. They'll brighten your day in an instant. Who knows? You might even laugh your butt off and forget about your troubles. At the very least, these pics will help you relax and maybe get you through an otherwise boring workday.

Heaven really is a place on Earth, at least for this dog, who loves nothing more than to sunbathe without a care in the world. Who cares if the sun is setting?