This Guy Has A $750,000 Sneaker Collection, His ‘Closet’ Will Totally Blow Your Mind.

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When it comes to sneakers, Mark "Mayor" Farese doesn't mess around. In fact, sneakers have basically fueled the entire life and career of this Bronx native, and he has no plans to stop any time soon.

Farese owns more than 3,000 pairs of sneakers, adding up to an estimated value of over $750,000. His collection includes rare pairs of Jordan, many incarnations of the classic Air Force 1s, and even the highly sought after Yeezys, which can go for $4,000 a pair.

Naturally, he has a special room in his house for his impressive collection, and in this video, you can take a tour of his wares. Check out this fascinating man's story - and his enviable sneaker collection -below.


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