Everyone Is Talking About This Snoring Dormouse… And He’s Too Chill To Care.

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If you sleep in a bed with somebody that snores, you know that on a good day, its's exasperating, and on a bad day, it's enraging. As you fight the urge to hit your significant other with a pillow, remember that people who are prone to snoring simply can't help it. Apparently, neither can this dormouse.


Dormice hibernate for months during the winter - in fact, this little creature spends about three-quarters of his life asleep! Usually, they don't sound like this - the normal hibernations sounds of a dormouse are higher-pitched. However, when wildlife conservationists checked this little guy's health during hibernation, they had to roll him onto his back. This caused him to start sawing logs like the best of them.

Now, after you've seen this video, doesn't snoring seem at least a little more adorable than it did last night?

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