Pets See Snow For The First Time And Their Expressions Say It All.


When this kitty cat first noticed snow falling from above, it was completely stunned!

Do you remember the first time you experienced snow? It's kind of sad to imagine that some people never have because snow is awesome. Some of us have been lucky enough to see the excitement in our kids' faces when they first encountered snow. But animals are a lot like children, especially when they experience something new for the very first time. So, we came up with a collection of amusing photos of animals who finally got to see what snow was really all about, and the reactions are so adorable. But not everyone had a positive reaction to the soft blanketed white covering.

Instagram user Yayoi89's cat wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but from its perspective it seemed as if the sky was falling. Clearly, this warranted the kitty standing on its hind legs like a human to see what was going on.


We've seen plenty of Snowmen in our time, but we've never seen a snow dog until now.

Flickr user Mark_Tapley looks like a snow armored pooch with all those snowballs stuck to his fur. But he doesn't seem very happy about it.

Mark Tapley

Some animals may experience wonder at the sight of their first snow storm, but not this kitty.

Reddit user's Cactusy has a cat named Flour, and like its namesake, it too is white as snow. But this little kitty isn't impressed by the snow at all. In fact, she looks like a little angry white cloud, and it's so freaking adorable.


You don't really have to ask this dog how he feels about the snow given the expression on his face.

Normally, we find Golden Retrievers to be adorable, but reddit user sumptimwong's pooch looks borderline homocidal with its teeth and crazy eyes.


This baby polar bear got the chance to experience snow for the very first time and loved it.

At first, it wasn't sure what it was. Then it decided to lick it and loved it. Maybe it decided to lay down like that because it got brain freeze, but to us, it looks so adorable, almost like a stuffed bear.

Soren Koch

This Persian cat is practically screaming for help after running into the snow to see what it was all about.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it just made it freeze its paws off! Just look at the terrified look on the poor kitty's face. Photography

This adorable husky has a little white powder on his nose, but he's not saying a word.

Imgur user Stephy151 recalls how her sister and her husband had recently adopted this puppy, and this was his first time in the snow.


This was this pooch's first time running in the snow and it was the biggest challenge she ever faced.

Imgur user morgasmic took her dog, Kiora outside to experience snow. But it learned that running in this thing is like running underwater. In less than no time, she was so exhausted that she simply rested her body on the snow, and eventually her whole head. She was pooped!


This adorable little puppy doesn't seem to mind that his nose is feeling nice and frosty.

Reddit user Slayer128 looks like it took a hit of something, which would totally explain why he looks like he just won the lottery. Notice how happy he looks even though his little nose is frozen. Yup! This puppy is a fan of winter.


Fear seems to be in a cat's nature, just like curiosity, but this little kitty is baffled by snow.

Flickr user Elizabeth Bouras watched as her cat Jonesy explored the balcony, but she wasn't prepared to find how the cat reacted to the snow. At first it seemed curious. Then it seemed to jump frantically as if trying to get away from the snow fast.

Elizabeth Bouras

This photo was snapped only moments before a snowball wound up hitting this pooch.

Reddit user rcinferno timed this shot perfectly. He also claimed that his dog, Bruno, loves ice cubes, which might explain why his mouth was open and ready to receive that icy projectile. He looks so goofy and cute!


This little kitten's first winter in Sweden caught her completely by surprise, much like her white hair.

Reddit user's please_agree was startled to find that his cat's black hairs all had frosted tips. From the expression on her face, it wants to go back inside where it's warm.


This is Waffles and it's his first time out in the snow, which has him going cuckoo for snowflakes.

"Hey daddy, look! Frostbite!" Reddit user Sir Waffles McFluffybutt's dog probably doesn't get how his owner could have neglected to tell him about snow until now. It's freaking awesome. Just look at him jump up all excited.


This cat's ears are pointing upwards along with its tail, which seems like a very, very bad sign.

Fortunately, this isn't Reddit user Dax268's cat, but we wouldn't want to be the owner either. It looks pawsitively peeved about having been dragged out on a chilly winter day to experience snow.


The expression on this adorable puppy's eyes really does say a lot about his experience in the snow.

He's like, "What did I just experience out there?" It looks stunned but in a good way. Also, we love his green sweater.

This dog is totally puzzled by this strange white substance on the floor that's leaving paw prints.

Reddit user Mexispan's pooch is looking at the snow like "What the heck is this?" The dog's probably hoping that his owner doesn't blame him for all this white mess someone spilled on the ground.


Getting buried under a bunch of snow can be terrifying, especially when you're small like a dog.

Just look at the expression on this one's face. He's elated that he managed to break out of his snowy prison.

This guy probably imagined that his kid's first day of school would be exactly like this.

Reddit user ArtBran was eager to take his cat out for its first snow experience, but it definitely didn't go well.


What happens when a panda bear experiences the freezing cold snow for the very first time?

It decided to go into some funky version of a spin cycle to either get rid of the snow from its fur, or to just roll around in the snow some more.

Mommy promised him a tasty snow cone, but this sure as heck doesn't have any flavor in it.

Reddit user Zebrahed gave her black dog his first taste of snow, and it looks like it has been a huge letdown. "Oh mama, why is this white stuff so darn cold?"


There was one a dog named King and he totally loved rolling around in the fluffy white snow.

You wouldn't know it by looking at his seemingly permanent "whatever" face, but he loves the snow. Then again, he probably does the same thing in the summer when the ground is muddy.

Ioana Bucureștean

This English Bulldog finally got to see snow, but assumed that it might have been something else.

It seems as if it mistook the snow for a face mask and dug his entire head into a pile of snow. Sorry, pup! But those wrinkles are a permanent part of you. That mask is only going to make your face feel cooler, not younger. But don't pout. You're still cute.

Ah, there's the cat who came in from the cold, or tried to anyway, but no one was home.

Reddit user's EYCI left her cat out in the snow because she wanted to experience the winter. But there was snow way he was going to stay there for very long. "Yo, mom! MOM! Opened the window, it's too cold out here."


Siberian huskies were practically built to withstand the extreme snow, and apparently play fetch.

Reddit user's Mckenzinator has a Siberian Husky named Mylo, who shortly before his first birthday, was allowed to go out and play in the snow. But he seemed way more interested in playing fetch with his owner.


Do you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go, or ever get the feeling that you wanted to stay?

Instagram's Kristelvanhemert's ginger cat is on the fence, or in this case, the cat door about the whole thing. It doesn't know if it should run out there and explore, or stay indoors and relax next to the fireplace.