This Jack Russell Terrier Is TOTALLY Getting Into The Whole Winter Thing.

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Post snowpocalypse, it's difficult to muster up the gumption to head out into the snow. Your normally breezy commute becomes a slow-moving trudge with no end in sight. As your boots fill with snow, the hope drains from your heart and suddenly, going outside seems like the worst idea you've ever had.

After you watch this video, you're bound to change your mind.

Now, don't you feel better? Doesn't the snowy, icy, barren world seem much more manageable?

Kia is a Jack Russell terrier who knows what she wants, and even the harshest of elements cants stop her. According to her owners, she will go through hell and high water to obtain her beloved tennis ball.

After watching Kia plow through the snow, I almost feel inspired enough to put on every piece of clothing I own and run to the supermarket. If Kia can do it, we all can.

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