Watch This Guy Snowboarding Though The Streets Of New York.

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The extreme winter conditions in New York are not keeping all residents at home bundled up in their warm blankets and hot drinks. Some people are really embracing the massive snowfall and taking to the streets to have a lot of fun.

YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat hooked a rope to a Jeep and ‘snowboarded’ his way through the streets of Manhattan. Neistat brought many smiles and chuckles to New Yorkers that were all too happy to cheer him on, give him high-fives and take videos of his stunts. Some people already outside with their own snowboards were ready to try the activity themselves.

Not many can boast about snowboarding through Times Square but all fun must come to an end when the snow begins to melt or when Neistat has this happen at 2:14.


This is not the first time Neistat has tried the winter stunt. Someone needs to keep an eye on him every time it snows.

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