25 Hilarious Photos Taken SECONDS Before DISASTER Struck.


Nothing like a hot dog to the face.

You can spend hours staging, posing, and lighting your ideal photoshoot -- but some of the best photos simply cannot be planned.

These 25 hilarious photos are perfect examples. Taken at just the right time, and just before the subjects realized they were headed for disaster, these images will make you feel slightly bad for the people in them -- but not bad enough to hold back your laughter. Check out these perfectly timed, just-before-chaos-strikes photos below. When you see #24, you won't know whether to laugh or cringe.

RIP, cheesecake.

We really hope this didn't end how with think it did.

This is going to hurt a bit.

But in this moment, he looks so majestic.

You can literally see the wheels turning,

Not sure what's occurring here.

When playtime goes too far.

Paddle faster.

This will be a treasured memory of a friend's injury.

The real question is, how did he think he would make it?

This chimp has no boundaries.

It's like he can see his fate, right before his eyes.


She's going to be so mad.

Happens to the best of us.

They just can't help themselves.

That lady is a badass.

When flexibility goes too far.


Not on the bride, anyone but the bride.

Things may have taken a turn for the worse here.

Her face says it all.

Mistakes have been made.

Bad moment for her, great one for us.