He Cuts 2 Holes In A Cooler, His Next Move… Best Summer Hack Ever.


Looks can be deceiving but when these objects are put together they can cool any room in the home.

People just cannot seem to get enough of summer. Putting the parkas and winter boots away in storage for a couple of months is done as soon as the first warm day hits. But there is a point where the temperature just gets to be too hot to handle.

Instead of going outside, people seek shelter in their homes from the sweltering temperatures. Yet, being indoors is often worse without any breeze or air conditioner to get cool. Investing in an air conditioning system is a lot of money for only a couple of days of unbearable hot spells.

Some folks may choose to endure the hot days hoping for colder weather to return quickly. One YouTube channel, desertsun02, came up with a genius way to stay nice and cool with a simple DIY. The user builds a homemade air conditioner using very few items. What’s an added bonus is that the hack operates using a small solar panel.

The items can be picked up in any hardware store. For the DIY project you will need the following objects;

PVC pipe

small fan


a personal cooler or chest

Using a small solar panel is optional. Alternatively, you can plug the fan to an electrical socket.


Trace two circles using the fan and the PVC pipe for the exact size.

Making your own A/C version can save you thousands of dollars from buying the unit, paying for installation, and the added cost of paying extra for the electrical bill.


Cut through it and place the two pieces on the top.

Fill the cooler with the large block of ice or the frozen bottles.


Freeze a large block of ice the night before. You can also use frozen large water bottles.

This large block was used to cool a room from 80 ℉ to 40 ℉ in about five hours. The cooler chest can be styrofoam or plastic.


This homemade air conditioner unit can be made for as little as $50.

Small solar panels can be found on Amazon and eBay.


Going off the grid using solar panels for the home is also a great way to save money.

Checking the temperature to ensure the air conditioning unit is doind its job.


This DIY air conditioner works best in dry and semi-dry weather conditions.

Humid temperatures will not allow the air to cool as fast.


The bigger the ice block the longer the room is kept at a cool temperature.

There are different tutorials how to make your own air conditioning system but this is one of the easiest and quickest way to keep you from sweating through your clothes.


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