Cymatics: The Pottery They Didn’t Tell You About In High School Art Class.

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Each of the vessels is created by sound, which influences the actions of a 3D printer.

When we think of music and the instruments that produce them, ceramic pots and 3D printers like this are the last thing from our minds. However, Studio van Broekhoven's 3D printer is unique: It is responsible for creating these amazing ceramic vessels that are actually produced by sound. The result is an interesting take on music, how it's produced, and what it take to create it.

The project is called "Solid Vibration," produced by spatial sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven and designer Olivier van Herpt. The ceramic objects look like woven baskets, and each of them reflects a different sound used to create it.

Studio van Broekhoven

As such, the "weavings" of the basket mimic the concept of sound waves.

Studio van Broekhoven

Studio van Broekhoven

Each of the objects is different, because each of the sounds used to produce it was different.

Studio van Broekhoven

**To see more of this amazing project, check out the video below.**

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