Here’s The People Who Inspired Some Of The Most Popular Songs Ever Written.

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“Candle in the Wind” by Elton John

When you're an artist, whether you're a painter, writer, or singer, there's usually a human inspiration behind your greatest works. Those people that have touched you so deeply that you can't help but personify them in song, or in a painting. Those people are your muse, your reason for creating. We've put together a list of people that have been the inspiration behind some of your favorite songs.

The whole world became silent when Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in 1997. When Sir Elton John was chosen to perform a song at her funeral, he chose the iconic “Candle in the Wind," that was written about Marilyn Monroe in 1973.

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Songwriter Bernie Taupin re-wrote the lyrics in order to sound right for Princess Diana’s funeral. While the entire world was mourning the death of Princess Diana, the song became incredibly popular. The song did so well that it was more popular than the original version.