This Unusual Drum Has A Killer Groove… By 0:43 You’ll Be Utterly Hypnotized.

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This is not your typical drum playing that puts you in the mood to salsa or merengue to its lively and passionate beats. The Spacedrum looks more like a piece of sculpture than an instrument. This musical device is a fusion of the original steel drum and the hang.

The percussion is made from steel sheets. The process required to make one is not simple: the steel plates are stretched, put through a thermal treatment, manually hammered, tuned, and welded before it can make its beautiful melodies.

The vibrations from the spacedrum are as original as its design. Watch Japanese musician Yuki Koshimoto put you in a trance with the drum’s distinct sounds. She has been playing this percussion since she discovered it in London in 2009. This cool, ergonomic instrument can be played with hands or sticks.

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