This Guy Lit 10,000 Sparklers At Once, And It Was Freaking Awesome.

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Sparklers are one of my favourite fireworks. I remember running around with them in my hand as a kid. I loved creating little glittery and golden designs until the stick burned away. One Russian YouTube channel Slivki Show, filled a pot with sand, adding an impressive 10,000 sparklers to light on fire.

Today, sparklers are popular on special holidays like New Years’s Eve and Independence Day. Before they became a staple in celebrations, sparklers were known as Greek fire to fend off enemies during battles in the seventh century.

The daredevils took their experiment to an open field along with two fire extinguishers for precaution. When they lit the sparklers in the pot, it looked like the eruption of a small volcano. Watch this cool video; at 2:05 you will wish you were there with them in-person.


As much fun as these fireworks are please note, sparklers amount to the majority of legal firework incidents in the United States.

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