34 Brides Who Didn’t Wear White, And Their Wedding Photos Are Awesome.

In 2012, Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman in custom pink Valentino gown.

We are now in June, the most popular month to get married. Weddings require all sorts of planning and logic — budgeting, fittings, bookings, tastings — but this momentous occasion is also very much about intuition. There are times when you can make decisions immediately and say "this feels right," without saying much more.

One of the biggest parts of planning for a wedding is saying yes to the dress. While wearing white is a no brainer for many newly engaged ladies, there are some that for their own reasons don't feel the same. And while it may sound strange to us, that a bride would not wear all white on her wedding day, the decision is truly up to her.

Below, you'll find 34 photos of brides who managed to put on stunning ceremonies without the white dress. If it's natural for you to think and dress outside of the box, then you definitely should!