Here’s What $100 Means To Different Families At The Grocery Store.

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Tripp spent $100 on mostly non-essential items.

Not everyone spends money the same way. In this video clip, eight households are given $100 to spend at the grocery store. The subjects return with their purchases and explain the reason why the items were bought. From a retired man living on a pension to struggling artists, each party has contrasting purchasing decisions.

Spending $60 on a bottle of wine is no big deal for one person while devoting almost $50 towards pre-packaged foods is the way a university student survives through the week. Watch this video and decide which household resembles your purchasing pattern.


Karen is obsessed with pizza.


For Clyde, $100 makes up 9% of his monthly income.


Almost half of Erica's budget is spent on diapers.


->**Watch how these households spend $100.**<-

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