These Stained Glass Windows Are So Beautiful You Don’t See Them… You FEEL Them.

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Erawan Museum, Samut Prakan, Thailand

I don't remember much from my childhood years, but one of my most vivid memories is sitting in the balcony of my church, half-listening to the pastor's message, and admiring the stained-glass panels. I wasn't the most cosmopolitan kid. I thought to myself that the church was lucky to have such beautiful windows that invited only soft, morning light. In my head, that sort of magic simply didn't exist anywhere else. Despite learning more about stained-glass windows and ceilings through travel and history, I continue to look upon this art with a deep sense of wonder.

Below you will find 22 magnificent displays of stained glass that will inspire you to look up and within.

Just outside of Bangkok, you can explore this museum-temple where you will find not only a three-headed elephant but a rare instance of stained glass in Thailand. In close vicinity, you will also find a series of lush gardens with cobblestone and waterfalls.