25 Animals Who Are Masters Of Disguise… #5 Still Has Some Work To Do.


He's like the chameleon of cats.

If you've ever been terrified at the sight of your pet after you realized he or she was lurking somewhere you couldn't spot, you're going to appreciate this. Some animals know how to go into stealth mode at the blink of an eye -- and it's not just sneaky cats, either.

Below are 25 animals who have camouflaged themselves, hidden in dark corners, and otherwise disguised their presence from onlooking humans. Some of them are genuinely hard to spot -- Your cat has probably done the same thing as #18 at one point or another.

This is where he lurks.

Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

A prickly bit of adorable camouflage.

Trying to get out of going to the vet.

Blending in with the cuddliness.

You'll never find him here.

Practicing for his next big heist.

Just don't accidentally kick her.

He never thought he'd find a blanket so beautiful.

This is stealth in action.

Basically a ninja.

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Tina Louise Hunderup

Everyone needs a frontman.

He really thinks you can't see him.

This is how I get pizza, too.

The vet will never find him here.

The cutest, cuddly camouflage.

He needs his private time.

It will take you a minute to spot them.

Focus is at 100.

This squirrel sees your acorns, and is prepared to do what it takes to get them.

This owl knows how to disappear himself.

Marianna Armata

If you can spot him, your stealth eyes are working perfectly.

Art Wolfe

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