Step-Dad REFUSES To Fund His Daughter’s Wedding When He Discovers The Truth.

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One step-dad was feeling really happy at the upcoming nuptials of his step-daughter.

It’s not everyday a daughter or son gets married. It’s a moment of mixed emotions; on one hand parents are excited for the next step their child is taking into adulthood and of course, the bigger the wedding the bigger the cost.

Whoever is paying for the wedding knows too well how quickly things add up. The traditional list of flowers, clothes, food, venue, and alcohol is expensive but seeing the smile and joy it will bring an adult child is worth it for the proud parent.

Even if the dad is not the biological father, if he has been physically, emotionally, and financially involved raising the son or daughter, the occasion is just as important and heartfelt. It’s said weddings and funerals bring out the best and worst in people. One man had a rude and painful awakening as the wedding day for his step-daughter got closer and closer.

He never married the mother but they lived as common-laws raising her daughter together for the last 10 years. His partner and her daughter have been pouring their heart and soul planning the perfect wedding.