Airline Workers Post Things They Wish Passengers Would Stop Doing.

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Just because you got the exit aisle does not mean you have the extra space to make yourself at home.

Next time you're on a flight, be very careful about how much you drink, where you put your feet, and how you plan on "making yourself comfortable" on the plane. You might want to rethink taking your shoes off mid-flight, too. Chances are, someone's watching, and that someone isn't afraid to record the entire thing on their phone to shame the heck out of you on social media. You might end up getting passenger-shamed for the pettiest of reasons, sure. But some of these nasty passengers got called on their awful antics mid-flight and you know what? They deserve every bit!

But hey, you can't really blame him for trying...the floor looks pretty comfy! And in case of an emergency, you can use his body as a shield!

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