Fishermen Save Starving Arctic Fox Stranded On An Iceberg.

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Alan Russell was out on his vessel, about four miles from shore, when he noticed something in the distance.

This world is full of incredible creatures. Beautiful creatures that live in the wild and are solely dependent on themselves for care. But what happens when one of those creatures ends up in a situation that they can't get themselves out of? A situation that will surely claim their life if they're not helped? That's exactly what happened to this little creature of the frozen tundra. This little fox found himself in a situation that would surely end in death if someone, or something, didn't intervene immediately. Luckily, there were people there to help. But would the scared little fox even let them? Would the little fox accept their helping hands? Keep reading to find out!

There seemed to be something stuck out on an iceberg in front of him and his crew. The fishermen decided to move a little closer to investigate the mysterious object on the iceberg.

Allan Russell

What the fishermen found was totally unexpected.

"It was a little fox, Arctic fox. And he wasn't very big. He was soaking wet, and the gulls was trying to pick at him." The fishermen knew they had to do something to help the little fox, but what could they do? The fox was very skittish and didn't want anything to do with them.

Allan Russell

They tried to move closer to the fox, but the scared animal wouldn't let them.

So they grabbed a net and scooped the fox into the boat. The fox was in pretty bad shape, so they attempted to give him some food. But the poor fox was so scared that he wouldn't take anything from them. Once they got to port, they put the fox in some sawdust, in hopes of drying him out.

Allan Russell

Finally, the little fox decided to eat some Vienna sausages that the crew gave to him.

"After a while, when he was coming around, he liked us more, because we were feeding him. And he didn't mind us after." The fisherman assumed that the fox was looking for food, and when they ice broke, he drifted further from shore. If it wasn't for the fishermen, that poor little fox wouldn't have made it another day.

Allan Russell

**Luckily, the fisherman were able to release the little fox back into the wild where he belonged.** Check out the amazing release in the following video.

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