23 Cringeworthy Headlines And Ad Placements That Probably Got Someone Fired.

This one’s pretty much on point. There's no way this one wasn't intentional, right?

News happens all the time. But every now and then, the publishing gods gift us with some of the most ridiculous headlines we've ever seen. And when the news hits the stands, you find yourself doing a double take after seeing the most unfortunate layouts in the history of publishing. Seriously, you'll be asking yourself if the editor drank too much, mixed his medications, or simply had an inexperienced temp cover for him. Fortunately, most of these layouts are so silly they'll have you laughing your head off. So here are a few messed up publishing layouts you never ever imagined would get printed.

If you have hands, you can do quite a bit with them. We get that. But they probably shouldn’t have used a happy couple in the background for this bowling ad that left people facepalming themselves at the audacity.