When Homeless Man Passes Away, Neighbors Step Up To Care For His Beloved Cat Colony.

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It's no secret that people who are homeless don't have too much, but today we're going to talk about a man who cared for 20 stray cats up until the moment he died. That part of the story is absolutely incredible, but what the community did to help out the orphaned cats after he passed away is something you would never expect to see happen.

People / Janet O'Brian

For a good portion of his life, Antonio Garcia lived in an alley in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. But he didn't live alone. Antonio had the pleasure of living with approximately 40 stray cats. They all called the alley their home, and Garcia spent many years taking care of this colony of cats. He even looked at them as his own. But what did the neighbors think? Was it a nuisance to them?