By Law Dogs MUST Be In Carriers On NY Subway… LOL At These Funny Solutions.

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Who needs a treat, I love going for the ride!

Some time ago New York City banned dogs from riding on the subway unless they fit into a small carrier or small bag. It makes sense as public transportation is for human beings and it’s really a little sad that there had to be an official announcement about it. There are tons of dog lovers out there and that’s just fine, but if you have to bring them with you somewhere, another mode of transportation should be sought out. There are just certain places dogs shouldn’t be unless they are an official service dog.

People in The Big Apple quickly got wise to the new rules and found ways around them. Even some pretty decent sized dogs have been trained to ride in bags now. It leads to some funny pictures, especially the ones that are in backpacks. Some dogs love going for rides and you can see the happiness in their faces in a lot of these photos.

This is only possible to do with medium to small sized dogs however. If you own a Bull Mastiff or Doberman Pincer you might be hard pressed to find a bag that fits within the rules. Check out some of these content pooches.