25 DIY Projects That’ll Keep You Busy (And Happy) All Summer.


Make your own beach shelter to protect you from sun and make you look fancy.

July 4th is just around the corner, and that means (like it or not) summer is in full effect. Sure, you might already be complaining about the heat and the fact that you can't have a margarita in your hands 24/7, but try to remember that as soon as summer comes to a close, you're going to miss the hell out of it.

So while it's here, why not make the most out of these warm months? To improve your summer game immensely, we recommend going full DIY on your summer activities, decorations, snacks, drinks, and vibes. These summer-inspired DIY projects satisfy all of those categories, and they're some of the cutest we've seen to date. Whether it's a spruced up mason jar cocktail, a set of twinkle lights, or the most epic slip-and-slide ever created, these are the things summer is made of. Put on your bathing suit, get outside, and start DIY scheming as soon as possible.

Let's face it: No one else on the beach is going to have a shelter that looks as good as this. Luckily, all it takes are some sticks, a nice sheet, and some comfortable pillows. Voila: Beach bliss on a budget.

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