This Guy Has Suits In Colors You Never Knew Existed… And OMG At His Shoes.

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Looking ever so royal.

You don't have to be religious to sport your Sunday's Best, and this man from Baltimore, Maryland proves it. You've never seen someone this dapper! According to reddit user ichthuz, he escorts his grandmother to church every Sunday to make sure she arrives safely. He's been spotted around the Farmer's Market, where the same user gifted him a photobook of 30+ photos of him in different outfits.

Wherever you go, there will always be those people in the local area, fixtures really, that make the place what it is, and this unnamed man is definitely one of them. He can even be seen on Google View!

If you're ever in Baltimore, make sure to loop around Nazarene Temple, where you're most likely to catch him. And if you do, please fill us in on more about this mysterious, handsome stranger.

Scroll below for some of his snappiest outfits.