Somebody Put Sunglasses On A Bunny, And It Started A Hysterical Photoshop Battle.


There is nothing cooler than a bunny wearing sunglasses right?

We all have hobbies or fun things that we like to do. Some people like to spend a lot of time on computers and learn how to do a lot of great things on them. Photoshop is one of the programs that everyone wishes they could master. That’s because those that have mastered it can come up with some truly amazing photographs.

The new craze is the rabbit that wears sunglasses and appears just about anywhere there has been a camera. It all started a little while ago when someone took a photo of a rabbit wearing sunglasses and photo shopped it into a picture that had been seen by most people. Well, it was so funny that someone tried to top it with a better, funnier picture and the war was on. Currently it’s one of the more popular things to spend free time on and it has led to a lot of pretty funny pictures of the sunglasses wearing rabbit.

Here you will see 14 of some of the funniest photo shopped sunglasses wearing rabbits that have been created during the now epic “Sunglasses Wearing Bunny Wars”.


I wonder if they needed a carrot to get him in the correct pose!


This photo is taken from the movie Top Gun and our new hero has been inserted before hopping into his fighter jet. Notice the movie name change to Top Bun!


There is nothing like a nice drive to Vegas with your favorite furry friend!


Jeff Bridges is wondering how the rabbit gets a good grip on the bowling ball let alone how he gets a strike every time!


This rabbit was sent back from the future. If you see him you'd better not stick around. Terminator-Bunny doesn't mess around!

Acacio Lima

This would certainly keep the attention of the students!


If you think this guy is a bit scary looking just look what's coming up in back of him!


This picture is called "Biker-Bunny". Do you think he would get your attention while driving down a back road? Probably!


It's about time! All these years the women have been wearing the ears. It's about time the right man has taken over the mansion!

Marnix de Vries

This dog thought it was playtime but upon a closer view he is having second thoughts!


You haven't lived until you have had these cops after you in a hare raising car chase!


These partners are more suited to work for Animal Control!


"Do you know why I pulled you over? That squirrel you ran over was my cousin!"