These 30 Facts Are So Weird They Must Be True… But DON’T Look At #20.

We know that pearls can be formed in oysters, but how? These precious spheres are actually formed as a defense mechanism against foreign objects.

Some people travel to gain a better understanding of the world, but you don't necessarily have to go anywhere if it's knowledge you're after. All you need to do is to be more open, observant, and well read.

Inhale news, books, and engage in conversation, especially with people who are different from you, whenever possible. You'll discover that the world — which includes you and your immediate surroundings — are far more interesting than you might think.

Below, you'll find a variety of bizarre facts about history, pop culture, science, and so much more. Find out what you have to do in order to apply as the next presidential candidate, who rapper Jay Z shot when he was only 12, according to a personal confession, and a grittier alternative to tasseography, or tea leaf reading.