20 Experiences Every Non-Football Fan Has On Super Bowl Sunday.


Laughing at football jokes as if you actually understood the punchline.

Super Bowl Sunday can almost be considered a national holiday as a lot of people celebrate it - they barbecue, host a party, order food catering, and so forth. But not everyone at said "celebrations" are football fans. These people attend Super Bowl parties more so for the social drinking and the free food. If you're like me, you don't even have a clue which teams are playing but you know who's going to perform during the half time show. And most likely the only reason you might actually stick around for the whole thing is so you catch every single commercial because let's face it - that's the best part.

So here is a post dedicated to all you non-football fans out there preparing to watch yet another Super Bowl you barely care about.

Sitting there listening to everyone else discuss why the greatest sport ever is football.

Trying to figure out what to wear for such an occasion.

That moment you get overwhelmed with judgement from the others whenever you ask questions during the game.

Sitting there, witnessing the people in the room divide into two groups and arguing with each other about which team is better.

And then being a stuttering mess when you're asked for your opinion.

Remembering why you never cared for the sport to begin with.

Being accused of only being there to watch the commercials.

And then being the only one in the room that gets emotional over one of them.

Observing the people around you to mimic and act accordingly to the plays.

Realizing how bored you actually are 1 hour in.

Drinking away the sudden boredom.

That random moment when you start pondering at why the super bowl is called the super bowl.

Being surrounded by aggressive football debates and suddenly wanting to be a part of such arguments.

A sudden rush of excitement because the first half of the game is almost over and that means it's time for the half-time performance.

Eventually beginning to root for one of the teams (out of no real reasoning) and becoming happy every time that team scores.

And then feeling devastated whenever your team messes up.

Attempting to impress everyone with the one football fact you found out on google yesterday.

When you've realized it's been almost five hours and the game won't end because people keep getting timed out.

And then the sweet precious moment the game finally does.

At this point you don't care who won, you're just relieved it's over.