He Supersized His Dog In The Funniest (Cutest) Photo Project Ever.

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A dog really can be man's best friend -- and with a little bit of Photoshop expertise, a dog can be man's best and biggest friend.

Photographer Christopher Cline moved form his home to Minnesota to be with a girlfriend, and he found himself quickly falling into a bit of despair. Here's how his story started:

I moved to Minnesota for a girl, Christine, but left my entire life back home. My family and friends, pets, and the overall lifestyle were all left behind me. I quickly learned that although the girl was worth the move, the weather wasn’t, The terrible weather and the overwhelming feeling of being homesick was a disastrous recipe. I was sliding into a sad place in life. And then, last summer, Christine came home with a surprise: A Goldendoodle we named Juji.

That's when Cline decided to start taking pictures of their adventures together, with a little bonus Photoshopped in.

Christopher Cline