Shooting Victim Returns To Hospital That Saved Him… As A Doctor!

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Morton graduated from Michigan State and they now call him Doctor Morton.

Nine years ago, Kevin Morton Jr. was a college student and was finishing up an evening at his job as a fast food restaurant manager. For some yet unexplained reason when he was getting into his car to head home, a man approached him and shot him. The then 22-year old was shot in the abdomen. Morton was able to drive his car a couple of blocks before he passed out and the car crashed. But it was enough to get him the attention that he so desperately needed.

There is speculation that the robber thought that he might be carrying a cash bag from the restaurant prompting the attempted robbery. To this day the crime has not been solved. Morton needed two years to recover and he spent two months in St. John Hospital in Detroit.

Even though he was given only a 10% chance at survival, Morton made it through with the help of some great doctors. Those doctors and surgeons made such an impact on Morton’s life that he changed his major from bio-chem to pre-med. Now they call him Dr. Kevin Morton Jr. and he is beginning a surgical residency at that very hospital. He now works with the very same people that saved his life. He wanted to pay it forward and he will do exactly that for a very long time. Congrats, Kevin!

Kevin Morton Jr

At 1am in 2007 Morton was attacked and shot while leaving his job as a fast food restaurant manager.

Kevin Morton Jr

Kevin Morton is a great example of paying it forward. Now, he saves lives in the very hospital were his was once saved.

Kevin Morton Jr

After he recovered, he changed his major from bio-chem to pre-med.


Morton now works side by side with the people that once saved his life. They kept him alive so he could become a great husband and father. Now he wants to do the same for others.

Kevin Morton Jr

Morton is now 31 years old and is married and has a young daughter. None of that would have possible without the help he received that fateful night.

Kevin Morton Jr

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