Sushi Doughnuts Are A Thing Now, And The Photos Will Make You Drool.

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The art of making amazing sushi is not one to be taken lightly -- in it's birthplace of Japan, sushi has taken literally thousands of years to develop, each generation of chefs honing their skills to perfection. Given the fact that the perfect sushi has been served time and time again (both in Japan and across the world), it's kind of cool that chef Sam, the Instagram genius behind @SoBeautifullyRaw, is now taking sushi to the next level -- and that level is all about donuts.

Round, precise, and magical, these sushi donuts are by far the coolest Instagram food-art that we've seen in awhile. For each image, she explains a bit about how she did it, and her resulting creations almost look too good to eat (the keyword being almost). Check out the sushi donuts below -- you're going to want to get these in and around your mouth as soon as possible.

Sushi Donuts ? Simply grease a donut mould with coconut oil, mould in cooled sushi rice and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down. Decorated with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew Mayo & avocado ☺️? #vegan

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**Aren't these basically the most gorgeous food creations you've ever seen?**

// YASSS i just made these #sushidonuts ????

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This is how I used up my sushi leftovers. Apparently, sushi made to look like donuts ? + donuts made to look like sushi ? are both *A THING*. I'm not making it up ???? @wholefoods told me so on #nationaldonutday and @sobeautifullyraw inspired me with her sushi donut ?#sushidonut #meatlessmonday #flatlay @flatlays

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**Does it qualify as sushi, or does it qualify as a donut? More importantly, does it even matter?**

What's the #SushiDonut made of, you ask? Do-nut fret. Here's the inside scoop. Brown rice filled with #salmon and #avocado topped with spicy #tuna, avo, wasabi mayo & sesame seeds. #BAM #NationalDonutDay #NotAvailableinStores #sushi #donut

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**Naturally, Sam's followers have gone crazy for her newest creations. "I definitely didn't see it coming!" she said in an interview. "It's definitely exciting and I have had a lot of awesome opportunities arise from it. I plan on keeping my Instagram as authentic as possible, I always reiterate to my followers that just because I have a certain amount of people following me doesn't make me superhuman, and I'm just a human with all the bells and whistles of life and a crazy passion for art and creating."**

Sushi donuts are available through preorder! Hope you all enjoy these and have a great weekend! #earnestdonuts #sushidonuts #specialtydonuts #donuts #gourmetdonuts #donutsandcoffee #foodie #lewisville #thecolony #frisco #littleelm #denton #carrollton #plano #coppell #dallas #McKinney #dfw #tx #texas

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**If her creative side produces gems like this, we hope Sam never gives up on her passion.**

Sushi Donut Dreamin' ? #vegan

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