This Guy Built An Insane Swing In His Yard, And LOOK What It Can Do…


Colin Furze’s neighbours probably get quite nervous when they hear him working in his shed at home. He has broken world records by inventing gadgets like a rocket launcher, hoverbike, X-Men Wolverine claws, and an ejector bed.

As Furze boasts he does this with a “constant disregard to health and safety.” His latest invention, however, may have him kicked out of the neighbourhood as he has invented a swing that rotates to 360°. The ride peaks at the top at 9.5 meters and can gain a lot of speed.

There are no safety belts or anything to keep the rider held in securely. We are not sure why Furze would make this ride since he suffers from motion sickness and he is afraid of heights. The Brit may need to lock his gate to his backyard or chance all the kids in the block making this swing the best hangout in the city.

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