Synchronized Juggling Is A Thing Now… And It’s So Hypnotic You’d Better Sit Down.

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Dance choreography videos are a norm on Youtube, there are videos of choreographed dancing being watched every day. What we don’t see every day, on the other hand, is choreographed juggling.

Vlad Gapanovich, Maxim Golovchenko, and Evgeniy Pahalovich have formed a trio called Raw Art. These 3 Kiev Circus Academy graduates have started a new movement that they call “post-circus.” You can say it’s like a modern day twist on circus acts, where traditional circus costumes have been completely rid of.

This video is a perfect example of “post-circus.” The trio is seen performing a juggling act, which typically is a normal performance you would see at a traditional circus. The way the trio juggles and the music they juggle to (Drugs by Ratatat), however, is again what we call a modern day twist.

On a side note, this choreography is probably one of the most in-sync performances ever to exist.

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