Family Of Bears Hit The Beach At Lake Tahoe, And The Footage Is Awesome.

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During these hot, sticky summer months, we've all got to figure out a way to cool off. Eating popsicles, standing in front of a fan, drinking copious amounts of ice water, heading to the nearest body of water for a dip: These are all options that are accessible to us and other humans trying to spare themselves the sweat.

But animals get overheated to, and when they do, their instincts are pretty similar. Take, for instance, this pair of bear cubs and their mom. They were super hot, so they jumped in the waters of Lake Tahoe, just off of Pope Beach. The bear family splashed around and cooled off for awhile (not bothering any of the swimmers nearby, mind you) and then just ran off into the nearby forest like it was no big deal. Luckily, someone caught the whole thing on video. See the adorable family swim-session below.

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