Target Employee Can Speak In ANY Voice, And The Customers Have NO Clue.

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There are a lot of things you can do inside a Target, including but not limited to spending way more money than you planned and leaving with everything but the exact item you came in for. It's not you, it's Target: It just has that power over us all.

But what do Target employees do when the floor isn't busy, or when the day is winding down? Besides roaming the floor in their carefully pressed red polos and khakis, how does one entertain themselves as a loyal Target employee while the customers make their final decisions?

One guy decided to keep things interesting by doing the closing announcement every night, and he does it in the best way possible: He uses a series of amazingly well-done voices to let customers know that it's time to leave and luckily, he had the presence of mind to record them all and make a montage for us. Watch him go from an Irish brogue to a terrifying Russian gangster with a level of skill that seems to suggest that he won't be working at Target forever -- but when he's on a stage someday, he'll certainly remember his first work experience.

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