If You Can Do THIS With 20,000 Tea Bags Then You Are Probably A Genius.

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If you're a tea drinker, the thought of reusing your tea bag isn't groundbreaking. Red Hong Yi reuses tea bags, too - but what she does with them will blow your mind.


Using traditional Malaysian teh-terik, or "pulled tea," Yi hung over 20,000 teabags methodically onto squares, and the assembled the squares together to create one amazing image. The image she created is that of a Malay man preparing teh-terik, which is a common and comforting site in her home country. Yi explained why she chose this particular medium and subject on her YouTube page:

I wanted to create a piece that reflected an everyday scene in Malaysia that reminds me of home. [Teh-terik] is served in local coffeeshops (or kopitiams). Perhaps more important than the drink itself is the underlying culture. Locals gather in kopitiams and mamaks, and here they talk about where to buy the best durians, the traffic, politics, weather, soccer... It is a drink that brings people together and I hope that I get to share a bit of my country through this piece!

Though this is truly amazing, perhaps even more impressive is that Yi's work spans a variety of mediums and subjects, all of it strikingly detailed, and most of it on a large scale. Want to see more of this young Malay artist's work? Visit her website.

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